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Biutiful (Bucuresti - Bar, Restaurant, Terasa)


Gabroveni, nr. 6-8

Telefon 0737 297 297
Email: office@biutiful.ro

Luni: 5:00pm – 2:00am
Marti – Vineri: 3:00pm – 2:00am
Sambata – Duminica: 12:00pm – 2:00am

Rezervarile se fac pana in 8 seara. In intervalul 8pm - 1am nu se pot face rezervari.

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6 comentarii

#1 -

biutiful vineri seara dupa ora 1

Un loc foarte dragut in care am avut ocazia sa merg de mai multe ori.
Din pacate in cele doua seri de vineri in care am prins ora 1 acolo am obervat o transformare enorma, a chelnerilor.
Aprind lumina, se uita urat la toti clientii atat de la mese cat si cei care au "curajul" sa intre, cand afara sunt 22 de grade dau ventilatia probabil la 15 grade, te servesc greu si evident in scarba. Pacat de acest loc frumos ca are astfel de angajati...
Dl. Patron, poate stati cu noi in week-end dupa ora 1 la o bere...

#2 -


Chelnerii sunt sub orice critica, impreuna cu seful lor. Atitudine foarte urata si hotie pe fata, asa ceva n-am mai intalnit, sa nu-ti aduca restul crezand ca este spaga lor (mai mult de 25% din nota). Apoi sa-ti rada in nas impreuna cu seful lor, care are grija sa te indrume sa stai unde vrea el, nu unde preferi tu, desi localul este aproape gol.

#3 -

The Fratelli boys tap into the pub restaurant market with little success.

I visited these days a pub in downtown Bucharest named Biutiful. I was full of hope as I was getting in and seeing the design, indeed done by one of the Fratelli brothers who happens to be an architect and put a lot of effort to transfer some classic pub concepts without compromising too much. That helps the place stand out amongst the locally owned joints which commonly are quite kitschy and fade away quickly due to lack of maintenance. Biutiful is new, functional for just about half a year.

Unfortunately there is nothing good to say about the place apart its design. The food is a far replica to what you might know although the proposed dishes are the most common pub food. First time I had Fish and Chips but the fish was not haddock or code for sure. That was not even a sea fish but a locally cheap one. Second time I ordered some quesadillas which I returned after the second bite.

But what is left wanting the most is the service, as you could have expected in Bucharest. I was displeased with their manager who is interested in just optimising the seat occupation regardless of the needs of his patrons. We were told that without a reservation all we could get is the bar because after 7pm you need one. Fair enough and I love bar seats! There were half of the tables empty at 6:10pm on a Friday night and 2 hours later one third of them were still empty. Unlike us many others refused the bar. So these guys are trying to spice up the place by trying to educate the consumers to reserve in advance, a practice which proved lucrative in their dance club to skim the client base for the richest and then pump up the prices. I wonder if there is also a mandatory minimum check required to get a table, that being the norm in Fratelli . Such an idea is unfortunate for a place surrounded by a sea of pubs as it happens to be in the historical part of the city and these guys might learn that bars are not dance clubs.

#4 -

waiters that can't be bothered!

I would never imagine that service in Bucharest may be this bad - the waiters were the most unpleasant, lazy and unprepared. Easy too see that their hate their guest. Overpriced drinks and food, served on uncomfortably small plates, on paper that gets wet as you sruggle with your burger... I wouldn't recommand this pub to anybody.

#5 -

Serviciu oribil, de la manager pana la chelneri.

Pros : decorul ( f frumos) , meniu mancare "diferit" ( cel putin ca prezentare, nu am apucat sa incercam mancarea)
Cons : scump; locatia ( au ghinionul sa aibe printre cele mai urate si darapanate cladiri in fata terasei) ; serviciul si managementul : inceti, nepoliticosi, mincinosi ( la 11 PM am intrebat daca se mai serveste mancare, ni s-a spus ca da, ne-am asezat, am comandat de baut, ne-au fost aduse, si cand sa comandam si de mancare ni s-a zis ca bucataria s-a inchis si nu ne pot oferi absolut nimic); Toate mesele rezervate, cu toate ca erau maxim 10 oameni in local.
Succes in gasirea de clienti cu asa personal nepregatit!

#6 -

Comentariu nou

Oribil!!! chelnerii, atitudinea, organizarea, mancare si bautura scumpe si aduse in scarba.

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Preturi orientative (metodologie)

  • Cafea: 9 lei
  • CocaCola/Pepsi: 8 lei
  • Bere: 9 lei
  • Hamburger: 34 lei
  • Masa in doi: 100 lei
Zona Centrul Vechi (min/max)
  • Cafea: 5/11 lei
  • CocaCola/Pepsi: 5/9 lei
  • Bere: 4/15 lei
  • Sticla de vin: 28/130 lei
  • Hamburger: 16/38 lei
  • Masa in doi: 50/170 lei
Zona Lipscani (min/max)
  • Cafea: 5/9 lei
  • CocaCola/Pepsi: 5/8 lei
  • Bere: 4/15 lei
  • Sticla de vin: 28/75 lei
  • Hamburger: 16/38 lei
  • Masa in doi: 50/120 lei
Zona Piata Universitatii (min/max)
  • Cafea: 6/10 lei
  • CocaCola/Pepsi: 5/10 lei
  • Bere: 6/12 lei
  • Sticla de vin: 40/120 lei
  • Hamburger: 31/38 lei
  • Masa in doi: 80/200 lei
Zona Piata Unirii (min/max)
  • Cafea: 6/9 lei
  • CocaCola/Pepsi: 6/8 lei
  • Bere: 6/10 lei
  • Sticla de vin: 27/90 lei
  • Hamburger: 19/38 lei
  • Masa in doi: 75/200 lei
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