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hot pe metropotam Stage Fighting - Workshop Neverending Improv Festival (Workshops - ARCUB - Sala Mare, Bucuresti)


They say any two-person improv scene, pushed to its natural limits, will always come down to only two options: fuck or fight?

Well, for this workshop, we’ll put intimacy and tenderness to the side, and focus on the FIGHTING! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this is your call to arms! Getting into a fight scene is always complicated and strange, but that’s only because of lack of exercise and fear of getting ourselves or others actually hurt! But, once we discover the fun in stage fighting, we’ll become daredevils and pirates cherishing those epic moments of action.

This workshop aims at developing the basic techniques of stage fighting: sword duels, swashbuckling moves, fist fighting, pillow fighting and, of course, awesome, theatrical deaths! This way, you’ll make sure that, next time you’re gearing up for an all-out brawl, you’ll stop hesitating and do the thing you’ve always wanted: start swingin’!

Date & time: 22 nd of July – 14:00
Duration: 3 hours
Level of experience: all levels

Cost: 220 lei

More about the trainer: https://neverendingimprov.com/product/delia-riciu/

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