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hot pe metropotam Recul - Reason to stay//Barcelona Improv Group - Filters (Spectacole - ARCUB - Sala Mare, Bucuresti)


Recul - Reason to stay

This show is based on The Bench format, developed by Menelaos Prokos & Billy Kissa. It is about taking things slow, small details that make the difference, relationships, and experiences. In this show we have two strangers and one bench. Each of them has his own reason to sit there, to wait for something. Also, there is a reason not to leave. While the two strangers get to know each other, the other improvisers are enreaching the hole story by building the two strangers' past. Reason to stay or encounters that may change your destiny in subtle ways.

Distributie: Adina Maria Sandu, Adriana Bordeanu, Alexandra Băjan, Bogdan Untilă, Dan Miron

Barcelona Improv Group - Filters

When we are in flow with life, things move with ease, progress naturally, and fall into place. But we are human, we block ourselves and each other, unwittingly and unknowingly. In this show, Barcelona Improv Group will take the audience's points of view, prejudices, and philosophies as inspiration for improvised monologues and scenes. Every human experiences the same world, but perceives it differently, and those differences sometimes get in our way, giving us a challenge to flow past.

Distributie: Noah Levin, Ella Galt, Jeremie Day-Glider, Stephanie Figueira

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