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hot pe metropotam Parallel Improv (Spectacole - Recul, Bucuresti)


1. Bring Nick Byrne over
2. Have him teach a new improv format
3. Have him play it with some of our best on-stage

The show:
Parallel Improv is a format that explores a range of physical devices, that allow the improvisers to bring more depth and flow to performances, by utilising their spatial awareness in entirely new ways, and capitalising on the full-time availability of other members of the ensemble, without them needing to choose to assist, or understand what the scene is about.
The Team:
Adriana Bordeanu, Adriana Petre, Alexandra Băjan, Andru Sandu-Capra, Bogdan Untilă, Dan Brlm, Dan Miron, Mihaela Georgescu, Vlad Mazilu, Vlad Pasencu

The Details
For reservations please call or text 0730.744.682
The show will be in English and will start at 20.00
The doors open at 19.00
Free admission
Donations welcome at the end

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