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hot pe metropotam Jinx - Road Trip // Laura & Gael - Raison d'Etre (Spectacole - ARCUB - Sala Mare, Bucuresti)


Jinx  - Road Trip - 19.30

„It’s all about the journey, not the destination.” It's a saying we love dearly and so we decided to put it to the test with our 'Road Trip' improv show. 'Road Trip' is a fully improvised show in which three (or more) characters travel by car, they talk, argue, or just simply wax lyrical about anything and everything. The show covers the characters' journey to their destinations, interspersed with all sorts of other scenes depending on where the journey takes them. From a technical standpoint, we need five chairs and someone to handle the lights and music for the show.

Distributie: Delia Riciu, Dan Birtas, George Dumitru

Laura & Gael - Raison d'Etre - 20.00

It is just an ordinary day when suddenly you remember that moment again... That face, their words, those eyes, the smell, their lips, your lips. Sorry, what were you saying? In the duo show Raison d'être we see our main character stuck between two times. The present and the past. In their day-to-day life a memory of an old love that keeps crawling back. Using strong character work, physicality, music and movement the story of this past love unfolds in front of the audience's eyes. Who is she? Who is he? Who are they now? Even when love belongs to the past, it is still a present.

Distributie: Laura Doorneweerd, Gael Perry

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