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hot pe metropotam All In - Stuck in the middle // International Cast - Surprise Show (Spectacole - ARCUB - Sala Mare, Bucuresti)


All In - Stuck in the middle

One player is stuck on the stage for the entire show and the others play a variety of fast-paced scenes with different characters and settings. Every player proposes a new scene, character and universe. The stuck player has to adapt to all the new proposals and to keep the pace with each story. The challenge is to surprise as much as you can!

Distributie: Adriana Petre, Adina Maria Sandu, Dan Birtaș, Andreea Constandache, Alexandra Ioniță, Adrian Sandu

International Cast - Surprise Show

We are thrilled to announce that we have a Surprise Show with our Neverending International Cast. The global cast of improvisers from all over the world will meet for the first time only three days before headlining this show. Let's see how will they surprise us!

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