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hot pe metropotam Adult Learning - Workshop Neverending Improv Festival (Workshops - ARCUB - Sala Mare, Bucuresti)


Often times we might be good at something yet still not quite as good at getting it across to others or teaching others the same thing. This is something I've invested much of the last 15 years in and is quite a juicy topic for us to approach during the workshops. So that’s the deal – let’s take something you are great at doing and work on making all of us better at teaching it.

The plan is this – we look at 5 major issues connected to this area

1. Understanding audience needs and level – what are the questions we should ask ourselves when approaching any given audience (whether it's at a festival, an open class or a corporate contract)
2. Adapting our explanations, terminology and energy level to our audience – what are the ways in which we can fine-tune our delivery to the people we have in front of us, how to make it feel like it is for them and about them and not something canned
3. Making our presentation easier to understand – how to bring structure and logic to something that by its very definition seems to defy structure. How to make it easy to understand and follow- whether it’s a 2-minute elevator pitch for our session … or the session in itself.
4. Coaching the people we work with – How to respond and react to their performance in a way that helps learning and development and takes them one step further.
5. Debriefing and Summarizing our activities – How to ask questions in a way that turns entertainment into learning and that makes sure our points stick beyond the immediate impression we might have made. How does that sound? If you feel you might benefit from any of the 5 topics above – feel free to join. See you there.

NB! This workshop is addressed to improvisers that are delivering classes or corporate events and / or improvisers that are applying to festivals and want to improve their skills in promoting their work.

Date & time: 20 th of July – 10:00
Duration: 6 hours
Level of experience: All levels – Improvisers that are teaching and applying to festivals

Cost: 440 lei

More about the trainer: https://neverendingimprov.com/product/doru-dinu/

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