De ce ai inca timp sa faci o schimbare de cariera - un clip care te va motiva

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Ti-e frica sa faci o schimbare de job, chiar daca faci deja un job de care nu esti multumit?

Cei de la The School of Life au creat un clip foarte misto in care ne explica de ce avem inca timp sa facem asta.


Nowadays, there is a lot of prestige around sticking to your guns. If we change our views, we risk looking weak, indecisive and lacking in character. We’re collectively slightly in love with the idea of a person who stands firm and digs in their intellectual heels.

But really it is very unlikely – given how complex the world is and how imperfect our fragile minds are – that all of our current convictions could really be right. We couldn’t say in advance which ones might turn out to be flawed. But we’d have to admit as a principle ahead of time that a portion of them logically simply have to be a bit awry…


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