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Stereophonics vor fi prezenti la Bucuresti in cea de-a treia zi a festivalului B'estfest, adica pe 6 iulie. Si, pentru se numara printre trupele noastre favorite ce vor canta la B'estfest, ne-am gandit ca acum ar fi cel mai potrivit moment sa le luam un interviu. La telefon si la intrebari ne-a raspuns cel mai nou membru, tobosarul, care in 2003 l-a inlocuit pe Stuard Cable: Javier Weyler.   


Javier, you've joined Stereophonics 5 years ago already. How did you three guys manage to find the right chemistry of the group?

Well, we cannot always share the same goals or the same programmes; for us, it's all about the music. If you're happy with what you're doing and if you believe in what you're doing, you're gonna be fine. It's better not to think too much about it, actually, and just get on with it.

Could you describe your relationship with your colleagues in a few words?

Well, each of them has his own personality really, we just work together. Everyone understands which are his parts, so when we are at the studio it's like an unspoken word about what you're doing back in, what we each have to do, which is get on with it, and this is why we work really good together as a team. And also we are really good friends as well, which helps a lot. We also speak a lot about what we do and in the end we all come together as a group.

What do you expect to find in Bucharest? Will you also take time to visit?

We've actually been in Bucharest once, recording a video, but we didn't have time to entertain or meet people, so we're really looking forward to this gig. We've been trying in this tour, actually, to start playing in Eastern places that we haven't been in before, like Russia, Istanbul, China, Tokyo, Singapore, and we also had the option to do the Bucharest gig and we were really happy to take that one on board. For us it's very exciting going to a place where we've never been before.

Last year you released a DVD that celebrates 10 years of Stereophonics - congratulations on that! Where do you see Stereophonics 10 years from now?

Thanks! Probably and hopefully doing the same. As long as we keep ourselves hungry, we're gonna keep on going.

What are the best ingredients for a band touring?

To have a good time without stepping on each others' toes. Touring can be quite intense and specially after a few years it's important to remind yourself why you started doing music in the first place. If you take things too seriously or think too much about the business, then you're fucked. The more you enjoy what you do, the better you become at it.

I was curious about the story behind some of the songs - Dakota, for example?

All the songs have stories!... haha... otherwise they wouldn't become songs in the first place. Kelly writes the lyrics and gets inspiration from experiences we go through or people close to us. There's probably two sides of the band. We have a lot of rock and punky stuff, but then you have more heartfelt or emotional  songs too. Dakota is probably right in the middle of both camps. It is a very 'make you feel good' kind of song, up tempo but the lyrics are more dreamy. Great fun to play live.

What about Soldiers Make Good Targets? Or It Means Nothing - are these songs also meant to point out your standing on the conflicts going on throughout the world? (I've read somewhere that the latter was inspired by the terrorist attacks in London).

Those songs do not necessarily prove a point, but they are more observational about how we are living nowadays. A lot of people assume Soldiers is about war and all, because of the title, but is really more about the duality of life today, how ironic is that you can actually watch a war on television and the next minute you see and advert for a burger on TV. 

It Means Nothing was inspired by the London bombings of 2005, but is not about the terrorists attacks, it is more about the feeling you get when something like that stops you in your tracks and makes you realize all the important thing you have in life, the simple things which are in front of you and you don't pay enough attention on a day to day basis. I remember we were on our US tour when that happened, and our first reaction was to call home to find out if our families and friends were ok. That's what the song is about: embracing that feeling and realizing what you got.

What about the idea to combine love songs or songs of emotional content with songs with a social or a political theme?

We are not a very political or social type of band. There are some who do it really well. We prefer to stick to what we do best, which is entertaining our fans, having a great time and keep on rolling. One thing is for sure, we write and make the music we want to do and never put anything out we're not entirely happy with.

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