Interviu Noblesse Oblige

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Noblesse Oblige vor canta in Romania la Amsterdam White House pe 27 octombrie. Sebastian si Valerie ne-au raspuns la cateva intrebari legate de stilul lor de muzica si de asteptarile pe care le au de la acest spectacol. In alta ordine de idei, dupa cate se pare perfomantele Ozon au ajuns si la urechile lor. :)

noblesse oblige

How did Franco/German style get along with English audience?

Valerie: So far it’s been a total "Entente cordiale"

You have described your music style in a very uncommon way: “spaghetti western and chansonette?” What exactly do you mean by that?

Sebastian: Spaghetti western is a western movie genre. They were mainly made by italian directors like Sergio Leone using soundtracks by italian composers such as Ennio Morricone, hence the name "spaghetti". In some of our songs - Surrender for example  - we have incorporated guitar sounds used in these soundtracks.

Chanson is a common term for french cabaret and 60´s pop music. Its influences can be heard in many of our songs, most evidently in Quel Genre de Garcon.

The band was founded back in 2004, yet your first album was only released 2 years later. What took you so long?

S: That´s the way the music industry works. In fact, we had finished the album one and a half years before it was released. As this was also pretty much a self release, things took longer as it was the first time for us and we learnt a lot on the way. The album was also preceeded by two singles.

What does Noblesse oblige you? What made you choose this name?

S: It sounds good and the its meaning is as relevant as ever.

You performed on various underground stages around Europe. Is there a difference between performing for the German public and, say… the Italian one?

V: Every audience is different, but they all lose control if the show is ‘hot.’

Have you ever been in Romania?

S: No.
V: No, it will be a grand premiere for us, very exciting!

What do you know about the Romanian underground music and audience?

S: Apart from OZON, not much.

V: Apart from British and American bands, it’s very hard for music to travel outside the country where it’s made.
British radio stations almost play 100% anglo saxon music so it’s hard to be aware of what’s happening outside that circuit. Fortunately thanks to our touring in Europe we get to hear all kind of sounds and we’re looking forward to discover Romanian underground music.

Do your “wild and spectacular shows” have the impact upon the public or is it the other way round?

V: Performing live is the best. You get in direct contact with the people who are jumping up and down to your tunes, we get to smell each other sweat!

Tell us more about “Caligula.” Why Shoreditch (London) only? Have you considered making it (inter)national ?

S: We´re planning to organise regular Caligula events in London, Berlin and Paris in the near future.

V: It’s about having fun, inviting bands we like to play live and DJ’ing our favourite music, looking sharp, dancing crazy and eating grapes without your hands.

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Interviu Noblesse Oblige
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hehehe! ia sa vedem cat dureaza pana ajunge si asta pe site la Coca-Cola, via AfterParty, caci tot Pepsi e sponsor si aici... :)

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