Interviu - Jeremy Wright

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Jeremy este ceea ce in lumea blogurilor se numeste un A-lister - un tip al carui blog este printre cele mai citite si citate din lume. Este canadian, in 2004 si-a vandut blogul pentru 15 mii de euro si a mers pe directia asta scriind o carte, oferind consultanta si creandu-si propria retea de bloguri pe diverse topice de interes (verticale).

Jeremy este invitatul special al conferintei revolutia blogurilor ce va avea loc la Bucuresti lunea care vine. (despre care metropotam v-a povestit ieri) Cu ocazia asta Jeremy a fost foarte dragut si ne-a raspuns la cateva intrebari.

I bet you looked up a few English-written Romanian blogs before your coming over. :) What is your impression of Romania from reading those - and what did you read?

I think my favorite Romania blog is Just lots of great info that I'm quite interested in. My impression of Romanian blogging is largely that as a country Romania is sitting in this place between "potential" and "depression" - and that most of the Romanian blogs I've read reflect either the excitement of the "potential", the lack of excitement of the "depression" or the frustration at sitting in between the two extremes.

To be honest, I don't have enough information on Romania as a country, culture and society to know for sure, but I'm hopeful that my few days before the conference will allow me to talk to a number of Romanians about the challenges and opportunities that your country has available to them - in business, IT, marketing and blogging.

Would you see a difference in the adoption and the allegedly industry disruption that new media tools would have in an emerging business environment (such as the Romanian one) as opposed to a mature one (such as the North American one)?

In many ways, the big blog thinkers have been looking at how blogging impacts mature markets, as opposed to emerging ones. As such, there has been an inordinate amount of focus on things like "talking directly to customers" (mainly because previously the only way to talk to them was via the media or advertising).

While my impression is that Romania faces similar challenges, it's also that they face it more because of cultural norms than long-standing advertising and marketing principals.

So while I believe new media tools will be incredibly effective in emerging markets, I believe it is more because they will allow businesses to *actually* connect with their customers, as opposed to allowing them to *reconnect* with them - after decades of advertising, marketing and PR getting in the way.

In many ways, this ability to connect with customers for the first time, and for experts in various industries to connect amongst themselves and learn from each other in real time, is more exciting than what we are seeing in North America.

If you were to explain to a tradionalist business person about weblogs, what would be the first three things you would touch upon?

For me the 3 most exciting things about blogging and new media are:
1. Social Dynamics: There are two sides to a healthy online social dynamic.

The first is that experts in the field are able to talk directly in a social atmosphere, in real time, in such a way that they are able to learn from each other and ultimately take a concept from "idea" to "solution" very, very quickly.

The second is that it allows people who aren't experts to become experts by watching existing experts interact.

Both of these are, in my mind, crucial to an emerging market - especially one in which the experts are often told the only way to succeed is to leave! An increasingly healthy social dynamic will encourage innovation, communication and will ultimately keep the market's best assets (people) grounded, engaged and excited.

2. Connecting with Customers: As I mentioned earlier, my perception of emerging markets is that often there is a huge challenge in going from a small or mid-sized (5-20 person company) to a larger one, in large part because finding the customers you need can be very, very difficult.

Blogging, new media, and the Internet provide a means for anyone to find their customers and, more importantly, to listen to those customers' needs before making decisions instead of afterwards.

3. Land of Opportunity: Much like the above, because blogging, new media and the Internet present an equalizing force, it means that *anyone* can succeed. Everyone has an equal voice, from the largest company to the smallest, and customers are able to choose companies based on the quality of the product, the quality of the feedback and the quality of communication they receive - instead of just on whatever is easiest, flashiest or most available.

Revolution means fighting against something. What are blogs fighting against?

I am no expert in revolutions. As a Canadian, my country has never really been through a revolution or a civil war. As such, my perspective on this will be totally as an "outsider" to revolutions.

My perspective on blogs is that because they allow people to communicate directly, without any influence or control from "above"; and because they provide a vast fountain of knowledge, opinion and perspective; and because the best ideas can bubble up very quickly...

Well, as a result of these things, there is the ability for cultures to change slowly, to change organically and for them to change at the grass roots - so that a revolution happens amongst the people first, to such an extent that the change isn't done in an "event", but that people simply wake up and find the revolution is over.

In terms of what blogs are fighting against, I would think that would be different for every country. For Romania maybe it is the best talent leaving for other European countries. Or maybe it is a lack of entrepreneurialism or government support. Or maybe it is simply a lack of vision. I don't know what it is in Romania, but the great thing is that the medium (blogging) may actually help create the message (what the revolution is), in addition to helping make it a reality.

[metropotam s-a razgandit si nu mai traduce, you can read english, right? :)]

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Interviu - Jeremy Wright
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ar fi fost si mai dragut daca interviul ar fi fost tradus in romana. nu de alta, dar unii sint mai lenesi si nu le place sa citeasca in engleza. da' deh!

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