Interviu: Dead Sexy Inc.

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Au raspuns la intrebari Dekula si Battant. Este randul celor de la Dead Sexy Inc. sa trasnsforme semnele de intrebare intr-unul sau trei puncte sau chiar semne de exclamare si in acelasi timp sa incheie lista de interviuri Underlondon. Pana vineri, cand o sa va puteti delecta urechile cu electro-disco-punk, va lasam sa va delectati ochii cu ceea ce ne-au raspuns Stephane si Emmanuelle (Dead Sexy Inc.).

Dead Sexy Inc.

1.Why did you move from France to the U.K. ? Was this a difficult change to make? Did it somehow influence your work? Was it part of a project, a “dream”?

Stephane: Paris is not a place for rock’n’roll and creativity, it’s a cemetery for the dying old Europe. London is London, it is a place to rejuvenate your work, the hard way. We don’t live full time anywhere, we move around, from Berlin to Tokyo, movement makes us better. Yes, everything is a project and a dream. We keep the childhood dream alive. We travel because we follow ourselves and we don’t listen to what we are supposed to do to become a rich living dead.

Emmanuelle : I like big city, I like Paris but not really to live, it's too much stress, people are not really friendly, not really Rock&roll, you got troble when you look different... We're lucky now because of Europe we can move easely, London like NY are the biggest traditionnal city for music. I recently move to Berlin, which is a very exciting capital ...

2. Tell us something about your road movie, “We had a dream”, because this is mostly something unknown to the broad Romanian public.

Stephane: We lived in LA for 3 years, we left Paris out of boredom and we wanted to live the "Hellywood" dream. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll… With a few wigs and glamour shots in between. We enjoyed an America no one ever talk about: the living one, the one with artists, will and hope. When we did our time in LA, we felt the need to feel what is America, a huge monster, a very lovable monster sometimes… So we did what immigrants did when they came to built themselves a new life. We drove and met people. And we shot a polaroid of what you will never see on TV. A snapshot of a country in crisis, a country with love, hate, powers and weakness. We never judged, we were welcomed.

Emmanuelle : We had great time travelling all across USA, I think you really need to do it if you want to understand's a huge country...and with a lot of particularies...we met unknow and famous people on the Thurston Moore, Obey Giant, Jonas Mekas, John Giorno...

3. How come you are intrested both in film-making and in music?

Stephane: I work as a director, Emmanuel is a very visual artist and we are what people called in the 19th century, Renaissance men. We use images and sounds to express who we are. For most people you can’t be good at more than one thing, well that’s bullshit. We got records in shops, we have videos on TV, we have books in bookstores… And most people enjoy what we do, without asking themselves whoever pretentious fuck in the media think you are good at. Today we live in a multimedia world, kids are raised using final cut, cubase and photoshop. How are you gonna explain him he should choose ?????

Emmanuelle : I like new experience, I like to work with artist, painters, writers...

4. How would you describe your music?

Stephane: Electro disco punk, super manga black metal, glam body rock 77…

Emmanuelle: ElectroGlam, DiscoPunk...

5. Are you familiar to the kind of music present on the Romanian underground stage? Do you know any Romanian bands, artists? What is the image you have about this country?

Stephane: Well, no we don’t know anything about Romania, and as we did in MANY country, we’ll be hunting for bands and other arists from your country. That’s the way we built networks, we come and play, we share and we are very humble, because there’s always a kid in any country that can make you learn and kick your ass. I have no 
image of Romania today, I don’t watch TV, I came there in 1985, I guess, and I had a feeling will to exist from the people. I guess it’s still there, like in a lot of countries that are now entering the lovely world of capitalistic lust and debauchery. Just one thing : stay yourself and be aware.

Emmanuelle: I've been to many east Europe Countries but I never been to Romania... I'm really exciting to come and I think I'm gonna be surprised...the media vision are most of the time not very close the reality... I don't know Romanian bands, except Guillotines that I met through myspace...they sound pretty good...

6. What are you expecting from the concert in Bucharest ? And what should the public expect?

Stephane: Us… people to come and share, maybe love, maybe dirt, maybe the best time in my life. You… we’ll give everything we have, we won’t fake, we will give heart and soul.

Emmanuelle: Meeting new people.

7. Have you played in the U.S. also? Is there a difference between the European stage/public and the American one?

Stephane: Yes, like in Japan, people are less bored, they enjoy, they don’t care if you are famous or not, they are very appreciative of the fact that you give, you put out a good show and you bring danger being a rock’n’roll band.

Emmanuelle: Every counry, city are different ...going to a concert in USA is something more normal...this is a part of their culture.

8. Have you been to any recent concerts? Something that you liked, anything worth mentioning? Would you like to go to any particular concert?

Stephane: I love Pravda I can watch them over and over, I missed Siouxie and The Banshees in Berlin (BOOOOO……..), I saw Joujouka in Tokyo . I would love to see She Want’s Revenge and Chet Baker.

Emmanuelle: We had a tour with french band Pravda in Germany last week...they are great ...and very nice person...I saw in Berlin at Lido few weeks ago the belgium band Goose ...they're amazing live...

9. What are you going to do, besides playing, while you’re in Bucharest ? Do you have any plans? Do you want to visit around? Where would you like to go or, what would you be curious to see?

Stephane: I would love to walk and meet the perfect picture, I will try to get as much as I can. No plans. Culture, dirt, stupid stuff, ood food, trying to speak a few words…Giva a call to Madonna : "Hey, are you still in London ? Get the fuck in Bucharest , they are the bomb !"

Emmanuelle: Yes for sure I want to visit, day and night Bucharest ...I took my ticket two days before the show have timeand see the city, meet people.

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